Mint Flavor Hemp Cigar - Mini King Palm Wrap

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Mini King Palm Hemp Cigar With Mint Filter

This mini Hemp Cigar is filled with .8g rams of CBD flower and a Magic Mint cooling filter.  The filters contain a terpene infused food grade oil inside a burstable capsule.  Enjoy the slow burn and the wonder mint flavor in an all natrual palm leaf wrap.

What is inside this Hemp Cigar

Only ground hemp buds go into these cbd cigars.  The wrap holds .8 grams, but has a total weight of 1.5-2g.

Choose from a variety of Hemp Strains 

Combine the flavor of mint with the different varieties of hemp strains for the ultimiate smoking experience.  The flower is ground fresh for maximum terpene levels.  Each hemp strain will vary in the amount and terpenes and flavinoids, but which one will go best with the magic mint?  

Mint Hemp Cigar Features:

  • Bursting Mint Filter Capsule
  • Mini King Palm Wrap
  • Clear Headed
  • Slow Burn
  • Smooth Smoke