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Hemp Flower Trim Shake CBD
Hemp Flower Trim / Shake - Lifter   1 ounce - It's Bro Hemp Products | Dried Raw Herb Flower and Pre-Rolls
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Lifter Hemp Flower CBD Trim Shake 1 ounce

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Hemp Flower Trim Shake Lifter   1 ounce CBD

This is 1 ounce of Hemp Flower Trim or Shake is the material left after cutting the little sugar leaves from the hemp buds.   The trim has slightly less % of cannabinoids as the flower does. 

Lifter Strain Trim Features:

  • Less Expensive Option For Home CBD Projects
  • Great for making butter, tea, salves, oils, and many more recipes
  • Inexpensive Blunt or Pre Roll Material

There are many oils that you can use to extract the cbd from the hemp flower trim. 

Olive oil, butter, and coconut oil are going to be the common ones that you can find in most homes. 

You can make CBD Butter in your very own kitchen

You may already have everything you need to make your own CBD butter or cooking oil for edibles.

Even though this contains majority sugar leaves that have lots of tricomes and cbd, and you may also find very tiny micro buds. 

So this doesn't need to be ruled out for using as rolling material, and will make a great option for a value shopper.


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