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Early Nueve Hemp Bud
Early Nueve Hemp Bud
Early  Nueve Hemp COA

Early Nueve Hemp Flower Buds CBD Strain

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Early Nueve CBD Hemp Flower

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A mix of the ever so popular strain Harle Tsu and Freedom baby come together to produce a blend of terpenes that pleases.  Early Nueve strain falls into the mid to higher quality flower as it has a medium density, and a nice stickiness.  

Nueve Hemp Flower Strain Features:

  • High in CBD coming in over 16% total CBD 
  • Tested below .3% Delta9 THC
  • Melony fragrance and a kush nose

 Have ever opened a bag of flower and smiled when the wave of terpenes came at  your nose?  If not, than this may be the one to try.

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