Hemp Cigar With King Palm Wrap - Suver Haze Strain 1.25 Grams

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Hemp Flower Stuffed King Palm Cigars - Suver Haze Strain 1.25 Grams

This slim Hemp Cigar With King Palm Wrap - 1.25 Grams is filled with Suver Haze CBD hemp flower and a corn husk cooling filter.  Provides smooth slow burn for an exceptional Hemp Smoking Experience.


Hemp Cigar - Suver Haze Strain Features

  • High amounts of CBD and other great cannabinoids
  • Blend of Suver #8 and Early Resin Berry
  • Award Winning Strain By Oregon CBD
These Full Spectrum Hemp Buds pack a punch of flavor and aroma.  These come from the following terpenes found within the flower.


Suver Haze Terpenes

The aroma that comes from the terpenes in this hemp flower have a fruity note that is very attractive. 

This comes from myrcene which is a terpene also found in other herbs with familiar fragrances. 

These herbs include hops, lemongrass, chamomile, and even mango. 

Not that myrcene on its own couldn't make this flower appealing enough to try, but it also contains farnesene having additional citrus and a little pine notes to it.

Just because this product is sold in the flower form does not mean that it is intended for smoking purposes.  Although many people do smoke hemp flower since it does not get you high, but has the benefits of the terpenes above and the cannabinoids as well.  There are many other things that can be made with this hemp flower plant material such as lotions, balms, butter, and much more.    



Classic Cigar Style - CBD Hemp Flower Filled


Suver Haze Hemp Flower Certificate Of Analysis