Hemp Cigar With King Palm Wrap - Hawaiian Haze Strain 1.25 Grams

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Hemp Flower Stuffed King Palm Cigars - Hawaiian Haze Strain 1.25 Grams

This slim Hemp Cigar With King Palm Wrap - 1.25 Grams is filled with Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp flower and a corn husk cooling filter.  Provides smooth slow burn for an exceptional Hemp Smoking Experience.

Relax While Smoking Your Hemp Cigar

Hemp Cigar - Hawaiian Haze Strain Features

These Full Spectrum Hemp Buds pack a punch of flavor and aroma.  These come from the following terpenes found within the flower.
  • A mix of DC Haze and ERB
  • Tropical Terpene Profile
  • Oregon CBD Hemp Seed Genetics
  • Over 16% total CBD
  • Less than .3% Delta9 THC

Alpha-pinene which smells like a Christmas tree some say, also can be noticed by some. Other hints of pine, and floral notes are also hidden within this great flower.  The myrcene is a major contributor to why the fruity smell, also found in mango fruits. 


Classic Cigar Style - CBD Hemp Flower Filled