Hemp Blunt CBD Cigar - Filled With 5 Grams Ground Hemp Flower - XXL King Palm

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Hemp Blunt CBD Cigar - Filled With 5 Grams Ground Hemp Flower - XXL King Palm

If you enjoy a nice Hemp Blunt then you are really going to enjoy this King Palm Wrap stuffed withed 5 grams of quality ground hemp flower.  If you are going to share a fatty like this with your friends, it has to be fresh. 

What makes our Cigars So Good

Fresh Ground CBD Flower:

The quality of the material is what makes a product premium quality.  We don't use trim or shake that you might find in less expensive options.  We grind fresh flower, which is exactly the same buds that you see for sale on our website.

Filled By Hand To Order:

Every one of our Hemp Cigars are stuffed by hand and made to order to ensure we deliver a fresh high quality product.

Smooth Taste and Slow Burn:

Relaxing with one of these blunts will provide you with an experience leaving you feeling satisfied with a perfect slow burn, smooth corn husk filter, and the taste of the flower is carried through all the way to the end.

Create Your Hemp Cigar Experience

Choose from the following strains listed below and experience these hemp cigars for yourself.

Hemp Strains Currently Available:

Blue Genius, Sour Space Candy, Suver Haze, Hawaiian Haze, Merlot, Early Nueve, Abacus, and Lifter