Hemp Beard Balm - Original Scent

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Hemp Beard Balm - Original Scent - It's Bro Hemp Products

Just having a beards is not enough, you need to take care of it so it doesn't dry out, become brittle, or look just plain weak!  

Treat your beard with a balm that has hemp seed oil, hemp seed butter, and other supporting ingredients.  

You will find a consistency that is firm to begin with but when warmed in the palm of your hand applies very nicely to your facial hair.  Use more to shape your beard, or less to use to simply keep the wild hairs at bay.

Why Use Hemp Seed Oil In a Beard Balm

If you have ever struggled to grow a nice thick beard, or never really got the look you wanted from a beard then you need to consider your beard products could be the problem.

It's Bro Hemp Beard Balm will help your beard hairs come in stronger, faster, and fuller.  Hemp seed oil is pressed from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, contains 80% essential fatty acids which is the highest in any plant on the planet.

Benefits of Hemp Seed Oil:


Unlike Most Beard Balms We Are Unique

Many other beard balms do provide great results and also use quality ingredients, but what makes It's Bro Hemp Unique is in the name!

The Hemp definitely makes us unique, but when you buy from us you will be one of the Bros!

Bro up and Step Up Your Beard Game!

It's Bro Hemp Beard Beard Oil

It's Bro Hemp After Shave

Our Hemp Beard Balm is made from hemp seed oil and does not contain any cannabinoids