CBN Tincture - Calming Full Spectrum CBD/CBN Oil

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CBD CBN Tincture - Calming Formula

Get the much needed rest you’ve been looking for with the latest CBN CBD Tincture With Calming Formula.

Regular Strength size (500mg) that uses the power of two of hemp’s most notable cannabinoids (CBN + CBD) with a rich blend of terpenes choses for their calming qualities, and a delicous taste.

The CBDfx Calming CBN Tincture gives your body what it needs to experience a magical night of sleep.

Calming Tincture Features:

  • 500mg CBD
  • 150mg CBN
  • Full Spectrum
  • Calming Terpene Formula

What is CBN?

CBN is another cannabinoid and a derivative of Tetrahydrocannabinol . When THC and CBD ages, it tranforms into CBN. CBN is a non-psychoactive and benificial natural chemical compound that’s known to produce a calming effect in the body and mind. This calming effect makes it easier to sleep and is one of the main reasons why CBN is quickly becoming one of the most popular cannabinoids for sleep.