CBG Hemp Cigar With King Palm Wrap - 1.25 Grams

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CBG Cigar Features:
- Slow Burning
- Smooth Smoke
- Corn Husk Filter
- Suffed with 1.25 grams of ground CBG Buds
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Hemp Flower CBG Cigar

If you love CBD but have not tried CBG yet, you will need to try one of these Hemp CBG Flower Cigars.  These wraps are filled with 1.25 grams of ground CBG buds, not trim.  Total cigar weight is 2.00-2.25g.

What is a CBG Cigar?

Cannabigerol or CBG is one of many cannabinoids found within the hemp plant.  Its effects are much like CBD and serves many of the same uses.  I use a king palm slim wrap and stuff it full of this great flower. 


What is different about CBG?

Many people like to think that sticky is a factor in a great quality flower.  In the case of CBD or THC that might be the case, but not with CBG Flower.  The trichomes are very white and when dried are not nearly as resinous. The keif from these buds resembles a dry white powder.

What is the cannabinoid profile in this CBG Cigar?

When you have a strain like this that is domininat in a certain cannabinoid, the others much lower.  For example the total THC in this flower is 0.13% which is much lower then that in many CBD Strains.  The total CBD is almost non existant allowing the CBGa and CBG to shine.