Herbal Hemp Flower Tea Bags - Breathe Blend

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Herbal Hemp Flower Tea Bags - Breathe Blend

This product contains a base blend of ground hemp flower blended with Chamomile, Rose, and Spearmint.

If unwinding after a rough or stressful day at work is what you need then a nice hot cup of Breathe Bro Hemp Tea.  

Take a nice deep breath and lay down or meditate after this amazing tea blend.

Why these 4 herbs?



Contains CBD and other great terpenes that will work together to calm and relax the body


The goodness of chamomile is known for its calming and soothing effects.


Also a family  member of hemp family, this flower will compliment the other ingredients quite nicely. 


The menthol present in the herb is wonderful and can feel quite nice when you take a nice deep breathe after sipping your tea.  

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