After Shave Lotion - It's Bro Hemp Grooming Products

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After Shave Lotion - It's Bro Hemp Grooming Products

Treating your skin with the best products after you shave is very important.  Hemp seed oil is an amazing restorative product we add it to all of out products, but skin care is one of the most important.

Why hemp is good for your skin

Hemp Seed oil is perfect for almost all skin types as it can treat your skin with moisture, without clogging up your pores. Hemp oil can even help to balance out oily skin, adding hydration and regulating the skin's production of oil. This can help  reduce skin issues that's caused by excess oil.

Shaving actually damages the skin on a microscopic level, and treating that damaged skin so it can repair quicker and healthier than before.  It is also very important to always use a new sharp blade to reduce damage and irritation to the skin.  Check out some of our other hemp shaving products as  they come out.

Using It's Bro Hemp Men's Grooming Product Together

For best results use in combination with other beard and skin care products by It's Bro Hemp.  We will be releasing new products so make sure to sign up for email notifications.


Hemp After Shave Lotion Does Not Contain Any Cannabinoids