Does CBD Oil Work?

Jan 8th 2021

This is a very good question, as CBD has been called snake oil by some and others absolutely love it. So does CBD oil work? First off it is important to remember that Hemp and CBD Products … read more

Hemp Leaf Wrapped Cannagars

Oct 7th 2020

Cannagars Packed with Hemp and Wrapped In It's Own Leaf Take your Hemp and CBD experience to the next level with our new hemp leaf wrapped cannagars. You may have tried a hemp pre roll, or even the … read more

CBG Cannabinoid - What is Cannabigerol

Posted by Steve Breault on Aug 6th 2020

Many by now have heard of CBD or Cannabidiol, but there are other compounds in the hemp plant that are very similar.  CBG Cannabinoid or Cannabigerol is one of them that has gained some attention … read more

What is CBD Salve - It's Bro Hemp

Jun 26th 2020

CBD Hemp Salve - It's Bro Brand Joint and muscle pain is a everyday part of life for so many people and there are many solutions to help deal with these challenges. Hemp and CBD are growing rapidly … read more