Hemp and CBD General FAQ

I will answer some of the most common questions I get asked in the hemp and CBD industry and this page.  Great questions will be added as they are sent into me.  If you have a question that is not answered here please contact us directly and we will answer your question via email and add it to this list if we feel it is valuable to the masses.

Top 5 Questions asked about Hemp and CBD

I will start the list with what I think are the top five questions asked about hemp and CBD

What is Hemp?

A member of the cannabis family, Hemp unique in one important way.  It contains very little to zero THC.  Mostly thought of for its use in fibers for clothing and rope, but recently has gained popularity due to its abundance of CBD.

What is Hemp used for?

The use of hemp in history is all over the place from medicine to paper.  Today the possibilities are endless.  Of course the same uses from thousands of years will, and are being rediscovered, but biodegradable hemp plastic could change the world. Some new possibilities are Fuel, Building materials, paper, and now that its legal, CREATING JOBS!

Can you smoke hemp?

People ask me this question all the time.  Why would you smoke HEMP?

Yes, you can most definitely smoke hemp. Although smoking in general isn't great for your lungs.  With that being said, inhalation can be one of the fastest delivery method of the cannabinoids inside your hemp flower.  Yes, the CBD is absorbed into your blood stream very quickly through your lungs.  

Is hemp the same as weed?

Weed is a term thrown around to describe cannabis.  Since Hemp is part of the cannabis family, grows alike, looks alike, smells alike, and is used alike.  I would lean toward the yes side of this argument.  Although some would say weed carries with it the negative stigma, but so does the look, smell, taste, and feel.  It will take time to get over that, and we will.

What is hemp oil?

Whoa, this one could be a huge article on its own.  I will keep it short.  There are various types of hemp oil that are made also in various ways.  This breaks hemp oil into many categories of extracts.  Lets stick the oil in a dropper bottle you commonly see all over town.  There is Hemp Oil and CBD Oil which could be the same or different depending on who is making it.  Generally Hemp Oil doesn't contain much or any CBD as it would be cold pressed from the hemp seed.  Hemp seeds do not contain much CBD unlike true CBD oil which is more of a tincture made with a carrier oil such as MCT or coconut oil.  The carrier oil is blended with a CBD extract to make these very popular tinctures.  CBD oil is what is all the rage right now. 


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