Does CBD Oil Work?

Jan 8th 2021

This is a very good question, as CBD has been called snake oil by some and others absolutely love it. So does CBD oil work?

First off it is important to remember that Hemp and CBD Products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do some research and determine if CBD is right for you.

It's true though CBD isn't for everyone, but understanding some ways that the various forms of CBD products including many you can make at home could really change what people think about it.

Find a way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine that includes something you already do every day.

CBD Capsules:

If you take vitamins every morning then adding some CBD capsules would be effortless. If you are not good about taking your vitamins every day though, I would look to another option that might fit you better.

CBD Capsules

CBD Gummies:

Who doesn't love these sweet cbd candy treats. So if you have a sweet tooth, keep some or all of the great flavors of CBD Gummies in your bag and enjoy on schedule. You could even add these to your vitamin routine if you think it might encourage you to take those more often as well. Just an idea.

CBD Gummies

CBD Tinctures:

Other than inhalation, CBD Tinctures can be absorbed under the tongue to achieve quick absorption. You can also add it to your coffee, tea, or really anything that you consume daily to make it easy to incorporate.

CBD Tinctures

CBD Vape:

As mentioned above, the inhalation of any cannabinoid is going to enter your system the fastest this way. Although I don't often encourage someone to vape if that isn't something that they already do. If vaping is part of your routine, there are CBD Vape Juice as well as CBD Vape Pens. So if you are not sure what either of those are, you probably should look at a different type of CBD Product.

CBD Vape Products

Hemp Buds:

You can go directly to the source of CBD to get what your looking for. Hemp Buds are the flowers of the female plant and also where the CBD comes from. There are resin glands all over the flower buds that contain cannabinoids and terpenes that create very unique profiles between strains. Hemp buds can be smoked, vape, and even processed into the cbd products mentioned earlier. Most of which you can do at home if you wanted to. Smoking the hemp flower has become a very common method of CBD consumption. I am not recommending smoking to anyone because any type of smoke is not good for your lungs. If you are already a smoker, it could be easy to substitute whatever else it is you normally smoke with a little hemp. Not to add smoking hemp but to take place of an even more unhealthy smoking product. Who knows, maybe it could help reduce you overall smoking intake.

Hemp Buds

CBD Bath Products:

If your favorite method of relaxation is to take a soak at the end of the day, you could try a cbd bath bomb or bath salts. Your body will absorb the CBD through your skin and the aromatherapy will stimulate your senses.

CBD Bath Bombs

It's About How Your Add CBD To Your Routine

So to know if CBD will work for you, there needs to be some consistency in using it regularly to really be able to look back and identify if any of these types of CBD Products are for you.

Please note that taking CBD one time and saying that you don't feel anything does not mean it doesn't work.

CBD isn't something you take to get stone because it doesn't get you high. The idea isn't to feel the CBD, but more to not feel something else. That is why taking CBD as a part of your regular routine for about a month will allow you to look back and answer the question; Does CBD Oil Work?