Hemp Leaf Wrapped Cannagars

Oct 7th 2020

Cannagars Packed with Hemp and Wrapped In It's Own Leaf

Take your Hemp and CBD experience to the next level with our new hemp leaf wrapped cannagars. You may have tried a hemp pre roll, or even the awesome king palm wraps but these are absolutely dapper.

What is a Hemp Cannagar?

A hemp cannagar is a cigar made from rolling ground cbd buds inside the leaf of the hemp plant.  You can find them in various sizes and the smaller ones are sometimes referred to as cannarillos.  A wood tip is used to make your experience more enjoyable.  


The Hemp Thai Stick Cigar

A Thai Stick is the original form of making the cannagars. In the 70s they began tying hemp rope tightly around ground flower on a skewer.  The end result is a crafty looking Cannagar.