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Abacus Hemp Flower Bud
Abacus Hemp Flower CBD Buds
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Abacus Hemp Buds
Abacus 3.5 Grams Hemp Flower Buds
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Abacus Hemp Flower CBD Buds

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Abacus Hemp Flower CBD Buds

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A cross between an OG and Purple Urkle, both of which are very well know, comes through in this amazing Hemp Flower.  The Abacus hemp strain is a dense flower with smaller buds that are recognized easily as a member of the purple flower family.

Abacus CBD Flower Strain Features

  • Contains Almost 15% Total CBD
  • Beautiful Purple Color
  • Tolerant to cold, mold, mildew, and pests
  • perfume-like aroma
  • pungent gasoline-like finish
  • terpene-rich high CBD

 Who doesn't love purple Flowers

This high CBD hemp strain is said to be great for so many things, but everyone is different and you will need to try it for yourself.

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