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This is our mid tier level of CBD Hemp Flower, and the most popular and recommended option if you are looking for a quality flower.

What makes the Quality Select Flower Tier Level?

In order to fall into this category, the hemp flower must contain little to no seeding.  Proper drying and curing was followed to ensure a good quality terepene presence resulting in a fragrant and flavorful bud.

Trimming was done by machine, but extra hand trimming is used when packaging to ensure you will be getting more flower and less leaf and stick.

What is CBG Flower

There are many different cannabinoids in the  hemp plant and CBG or Cannabigerol is one of them that is pulling a little attention away from CBD.  CBG Flower is much like CBD in the effects it has, but some people think it is a great option for unwinding or relaxing.  Possibly even before a meeting with the sandman. 

Hemp Flower Collection Contents:

Quality Select Strains

Lifter Hemp - CBD Sour Space Candy Hemp - CBD Early Nueve Hemp - CBD

Blue Genius Hemp - CBD Abacus Hemp - CBD

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