Hemp Tea

Hemp teas are nothing new, but it isn't well known. Thousands of years ago Chinese used hemp tea to help rid people of aches, pains, and fevers. Herbal teas are gaining popularity as we learn more about plant based medicine.

Our Hemp herbal tea contains blends hemp, lavender, chamomile, spearmint, rose, blue lotus flower, lemon balm, mullein, and other great beneficial herbs.

Try them in a loose leaf hemp tea blend to get the more of the oils from the plant into your tea.

Or order the hemp tea bag blends for ease of brewing.

How To Brew CBD Hemp Tea


  1. Heat just over 1 cup of water in a saucepan, 190 degrees or just under boiling

  2. Add you hemp herbal blend from It’s Bro Hemp

  3. Add dash of butter, coconut oil, or honey

  4. Allow your herbs to steep for about 20 minutes

  5. Pour through a tea strainer into your cup and Enjoy

Does Hemp Tea Get You High
Hemp flower tea does not make you high, so do not confuse the feeling of being relaxed with euphoria. The hemp flower that is used to make our herbal teas contain less than .3% THC and up to 75mg of CBD per serving.  All the great benefits yet clear headed and unimpaired. The flower from the hemp plant are more rich in cannabinoids than leaf or trim.
Tea Brewing Accessories Now Available
We are excited to off you some accessories for brewing your Hemp Tea.  Some of these items include Double Wall Tea Bottle, Tea Strainers, French Press Tea Maker, and more to come as well. 
We want to make your Herbal Tea brewing experience with It's Bro Hemp to be magical.