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Blue Genius Hemp Flower Pre Roll Cones - Single
Blue Genius Hemp Flower Pre Roll Cones - Single

Blue Genius Hemp Flower Pre Roll Cones - Single

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Blue Genius is an amazing CBD flower with an color like any other Hemp Strain

Its appearance is a little out of the ordinary, and stunning at the same time.  The Blue Genius Hemp Flowers are very fragrant and covered in high CBD resin.

Notes of citrus, pine, pepper, basil, and floral spice are all going to blow your mind.  The earthy tone complements the strain’s odd array of terpenes.


There is a wonderful mix of cannabinoids fround within this blue genius hemp strain with CBD leading all of them, testing over 10%.  The other cannabinoids found within this hemp strain are, delta9 thc .05%, THCa .422%, CBG, CBGa, and CBC.

Terpenes found within this hemp strain that give it its nose

Myrcene - Fruity like mangos

β-Caryophyllene - Spiciness of black pepper and clove

a-Pinene - Pine scent as you would suspect from its name

Phytol - Floral

What makes Blue Genius unique?

This strain is described as best for focus- calming, clear-headed effects while creating a long-lasting feeling of comfort and relaxation.  Consumers note it's a good strain for reducing stress and uplifting the spirits for a good, productive day.

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