Hemp Buds

We offer pre-packaged hemp buds for sale in various weights to allow you to try this lovely hemp flower for yourself. 1 gram packages are available to allow you to sample the different hemp flower strains or you can purchase by the ounce once you discover for yourself how much relief this hemp product can bring you.

Where can I buy Hemp Flower

Hemp flower can be found online on our website as well as a variety of other hemp products.  Finding hemp for sale in your local area can be hit and miss.  Gas stations across the country have been starting to sell hemp flower and other CBD Products as well.  Would you purchase your produce at a gas station?  Just make sure you know the quality and source before you buy your CBD products.  If you have questions, we are always here!  Chat with us online, or send us and email.

 Is It Safe To Ship Hemp Buds?

All hemp items are sealed in a smell proof, heat sealed packaging.  The United States Postal Service allows hemp to be shipped via USPS as long as it is accompanied with proper documentation as needed. We comply with Oregon law and provide lab reports along with a notice to postal inspectors with all shipments.

 What is legal hemp flower?

As of December 2018 hemp was removed from the controlled substance list and now falls under agriculture products.  Although it is Federally Legal now you need to check your state and local laws.  In Oregon, Hemp is classified as containing .3% THC or less, with THC referring to Delta9 THC which is the active psychoactive compound in the hemp flower.   We comply with Oregon law and provide lab reports along with a notice to postal inspectors with all shipments.

 Can Hemp Flower Get You High?

Hemp does not make you high, so do not be confused by its looks.  It may look, smell, taste, smoke, and feel like it's identical twin that would, but instead it is even better.  All the great benefits yet clear headed and unimpaired. The buds from the hemp plant are referred to as flower and contain more of the cannabinoids than leaf or trim.Will or 

Can Hemp Show Up On A Drug Test?

So many factors are at play here that makes this question very difficult.  Simply put, YES it is possible to show up positive on a drug test after using hemp flower.  If your job or freedom could be at risk, I would suggest take a pass for now.  Do your research and make sure you know before you consume your hemp.

 What can I do with hemp buds?

Grind the flower up for a nice herbal tea
Make a CBD hemp butter for baking
Use Hemp As Seasoning
Make Your Own Hemp Oil
CBD Tincture
Roll It Up Into A Hemp Blunt or Joint

CBD Bud - The Hemp Plant Wasn't Always Used For Cannabidiol

The hemp plant has many uses including hemp clothing, hemp rope, hemp paper, and even biodegradable hemp plastic. What we focus on here are the hemp Buds, and what cannabinoids are all about in the CBD Flower.  The hemp flower has uses that go back thousands of years, but only recently the discovery's have been made that prove how wonderful this hemp plant really is.