CBD Chocolate and Protein Bars by JustCBD

What is the go to sweet treat you often reach for when you need to satisfy your senses?  Of course it is probably chocolate in its many forms.  Well have you tried CBD Chocolate yet?   

CBD Chocolate Bar - 100mg

Enjoy 10 dark chocolate squares with 10mg of CBD in each.  The CBD Chocolate bar contains a total of 100mg cannibidiol.  This is a vegan chocolate with out any THC.  The JustCBD Chocolate Bar is made with 60% pure cocoa.

CBD Cookies and Cream Protein Bar - 100mg

They don't have to be just for the morning.  You can fit these CBD Protein Bars into any routine.  You can't deny the captivating flavor of cookies and cream.  This sweet cbd treat has only 180 calories, 6g of sugar, 8g of fiber, and 15g of protein.