Blue Genius Hemp Flower Pre Rolls - CBD Joint

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This particualar strain was a harvest from the previous year.  It was re-tested for its current cannabinoid profile and moisture %.  It still has a powerful fragrance, with a lower CBD percentage. 

Blue Genius Hemp Pre Rolls - 1, 5, or 10 Packs

If you have already tried blue genius hemp flower, then there will be no need to sample the single cbd pre roll.  Skip right to the 5 or 10 pack and save.  The same great flower ground up into 1 gram cbd joints.  Sit back and enjoy this great purple strain of hemp in a pre rolled cone. 


There is a wonderful mix of cannabinoids fround within this blue genius hemp strain with CBD leading all of them, testing at 7.5%.  The other cannabinoids found within this hemp strain are CBGA, CBC, CBCA, and under .3% THC.

Terpenes found within this hemp strain that give it its nose

Myrcene - Fruity like mangos

β-Caryophyllene - Spiciness of black pepper and clove

a-Pinene - Pine scent as you would suspect from its name

Phytol - Floral

What makes Blue Genius unique?

This strain is described as best for focus- calming, clear-headed effects while creating a long-lasting feeling of comfort and relaxation.  Consumers note it's a good strain for reducing stress and uplifting the spirits for a good, productive day.