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It's Bro CBD Hemp Salve

CBD Hemp Salve - It's Bro Brand

Joint and muscle pain is a everyday part of life for so many people and there are many solutions to help deal with these challenges.  Hemp and CBD are growing rapidly in the area of natural remedies and being used in topical ointments that many have found to work well for them.

Simple Natural Remedies can work.....

A salve is a soft ointment used to promote healing and soothe those areas of the skin.  More specifically, a CBD Hemp salve has been known to help with inflammation, pain, acne, and possibly even has anti-aging benefits.  Nature created ingredients that can be used to create these wonderful holistic products.

Hemp Salve It's Bro Hemp


Inspiration to create a product that can help so many........

When I started my hemp business at the beginning of this year a CBD Hemp Salve was not on my radar of products to produce.  I found inspiration when I saw people commenting on their new found pain relief from infusing cannabinoids into a base oil and applying directly to the skin.  The CBD and other cannabinoids would be absorbed into the tissue in the targeted areas.

So I decided to produce my simple formula using a handful of natural ingredients and handed out samples to people I knew might find some relief.  The feedback was great, so I figured I would release the product for sale to the general public in a 2 oz tin for $24.99  

It's Bro Hemp CBD Muscle and Joint Salve

Buying from the local community....

All hemp that is used in any of my products is all sourced from Oregon Hemp Farms Directly.  I find this to be a very important part of the process because sometimes Hemp can cross the hands of many buyers and sellers before it reaches its final end user.  I buy all my hemp in bulk direct from the farm and avoiding all products that origin is unknown.   

Mount Hood Oregon Over a lake

Order Your CBD Hemp Salve NOW!

If you have found a regular ache in your joints, or you wake up in the morning and need something to aid in the relief then give this salve a try.  

After working out and you find your muscles are sore then rub your CBD Topical on and feel the releif

Try our Hemp Herbal Tea as well!

Hemp Loose Leaf Herbal Tea
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