What is hemp?

Posted by Steve Breault on May 13th 2020

Hemp is a renewable resource that could save this planet!

Having a natural resource that is capable of providing humans with so much has never been more real. Hemp was used thousands of years ago for various applications, but when marijuana came onto the scene the plant family was scheduled as a drug and hemp faded away into the sunset and all its glory.

What is hemp anyways?

This is a question that many debated for a long time, some though the hemp plant was only the male version of the cannabis plant because it didn't produce a flower. The idea that a hemp plant provided beautiful flowers and buds just like its cousin cannabis. Here is where the difference comes in!

Hemp has less than .3% of delta9 THC which is the psychoactive cannabinoid but much higher levels of other cannabinoids such as CBD or CBG which is the new one for this year.

Cannabis has greater than .3% thc but is usually between 10% and 22% and very low to non existent cbd content. Some of the best medical strains you will find have at 1 to 1 THC to CBD ratio. Best of both worlds.

Do people smoke hemp?

Smoking hemp is not much different than smoking marijuana in the way of taste and feel. Although hemp has not been proven to treat or cure any disease, the choice to use an alternative like hemp is up to the user.

Others find that smoking is a great social activity, but do not want to get high and the idea of cigarettes is appalling to some. So why not choose to smoke something that may improve your overall feeling of well being.

Historical and Modern Uses For Hemp

The use of hemp is history is across the board and only recently have we begun to expand on what we can do with this miracle plant. Before modern times hemp was used in tea as well as smoked. Paper was very commonly made with hemp as well. Some people even say that the Declaration of Independence was drawn up on hemp paper.

Today people have begun to see that not only can we use hemp for what history has shown useful. We have discovered how much more of a miracle plant it really is. Homes and structures can be built with hemp which are stronger, lighter, resists mold and mildew, even is fire resistant. One acre of Hemp can produce as much paper as four to ten acres of trees over a twenty year time period. Hemp stalks grow in four months, trees take twenty to eighty years. This is where I think the building material side of industrial hemp is going to take time, but we will see a shift in materials used in homes.

Aside from that hemp will make its way into categories all over the home and personal care product categories in a very quick way. Many of these products will be very low quality and will come and go. The brands to look for will use natural products and not dilute the quality of the product with a bunch of other chemicals.

Seeing what the future of hemp will bring us

Only in the last two years has hemp exploded into the mainstream and we have barely scratched the surface on what will come of the amazing plant called hemp.