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Quit Smoking Using CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls

I did a quick survey on a social media group in which I expected to get backlash from because of the following question:

Has anyone tried to substitute their cannabis for hemp flower when you want to smoke, but don't want to get high?


I was surprised when one of the group member responded right away with:

Hemp helped me quit smoking cigarettes 3 years ago

To me I thought this was genius, yet I want to note that I am not making any claims that smoking hemp will make it easier for you to quit.  What my short (3 posts on 3 different social groups) told me was it has helped some and it could possibly help others as well.

Smoking anything long term is not going to be good for your health, which I am sure I don't need to point out but if you evaluate the pros and cons of this type of long term replacement it could bring its own benefits as well.

The CBD content is up to 15% which is great at addressing many body ailments like pain, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and more.  So when quitting nicotine the CBD may help address some of the with-drawl symptoms.

Check out these High CBD Pre-Rolls and Hemp Flower products and see if they can help you as well.

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