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Products To Compliment You Hemp Smoking Experience

Products To Compliment You Hemp Smoking Experience

With the new legalization of Hemp in December of 2018 after the president signed the Farm Bill, people have been turning to Hemp for CBD.  This post is intended to help someone that may not be aware of the tools to aid in a more enjoyable smoking experience.

5 Tools You May Want When Smoking Hemp

Of course these are not all required, but options are always nice to have to stay excited about the different methods of consuming your CBD.

Torch Lighter

1. Good Lighters

This one may seem obvious, but you may have noticed the plural "lighters".  This is because you will lose them all the time, or have them in various pockets ran through the wash.

Have your trusty BIC lighters all over, but don't forget about your personal special lighter that you can always rely on.  Get at least one good torch lighter that is windproof, and also great for lighting your bowls in your bong as well.

2. Quality Glass 

If you haven't smoked from quality glass pipes, bongs, bubbler, or rigs you are missing out big time.   Not to discount the other methods of smoking, because I enjoy and use all of them.  Glass though, allows for an unaffected full flavor of your hemp flower.  So if you spend good money on top shelf hemp, a good clean glass pipe will allow you to taste the terpenes in the bud.   Clean glass is important as you don't want the flavor to be tainted by excess resin. 

Water pieces come in a few forms such as simple bongs, diffusers, small bubblers, and dab rigs.  These are great for cooling down the smoke for a smoother feel, but my personal opinion is that it also removes filters some flavor.  But if a massive rip is what you want, then give a bong a shot.  I won't bring up the dab rig in this post, since it is for more experienced smokers.  I will write about dabbing CBD in another post soon.

3. Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers

Relaxing in a lounge chair outside with a blunt in my hand is like heaven all wrapped up in a nice little hemp roll.  Unfortunately I live in Oregon and it rains for most of the year, so chilling outside with my blunts are a treat in the winter.

If you like smoking outside you may feel more comfortable with a pre-roll while outside on your front porch than ripping from your bong.  Some of you could give a shit what your neighbors think, and that works too.  You do you!

My favorite choices would be Raw Papers, Cyclone Hemp Cones, and King Palm Cigar Wraps.  Don't forget tips too, glass ones are pretty awesome!

Bob Marley Rolling Tray

4. Cool Rolling Trays

Really anything flat will do as your rolling tray that you can set in front of you and make a mess all over and move back off to the side.  Think of a small cookie sheet and you have a tray that will serve the purpose, but we are talking about wanting a great smoking experience and that just wont work.  To maintain pleasure while smoking hemp, you have to find enjoyment from your tools.

Do you like Bob Marley, Rick and Morty, or maybe want something custom?  All of these are possible and you can even find the very popular Rick and Morty Rolling Tray in my store as well as the Bob Marley Trays too. 

5. Glass Storage Jars

Storing Hemp for future use works best if kept in air tight glass jars.  This is definitely something you don't need to spend a lot of money on unless your are really into gadgets.  You can use glass canning jars, or there are some awesome stash jars in so many forms that can add to your smoking stations style as well. 

Hemp Could Save The Planet

Hemp Could Save Our Planet

Of course I don't mean smoking hemp could save our planet, but since you already have an interest in Hemp I wanted to finish with this.

Some of the most horrific things have come out of the materials used to manufacture the things that you want and use every day.  If only 2 things were manufactured out of hemp instead of the methods and resources currently used the impact on our planet would be drastically different.  Plastic and Paper alone could have been made from hemp all this time, but hemp saw a decline after the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act and ultimately was made illegal in 1970 with out separating hemp and marijuana as two plants.  Hemp died in the united states after 1970 and now we can begin to make a difference in the coming years. 

Check out this article on Hemp and The Environment  in my blog

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