Premium Select Hemp Flower Buds

Premium Select Hemp Flower Buds

Posted by Steve Breault on May 13th 2020

Premium Select Hemp Flower Buds - It's Bro Hemp Products

What does it really mean when someone talks about High Quality, Top Shelf, or even Premium Select which is what I am calling our new line of extremely high quality buds.

What Makes A Premium Select Hemp Flower Bud

You will hear from everyone that they have the best grown hemp around, but when you see it, smell it, and touch it, you will truly begin to understand the difference in what makes something top shelf.   Some will say that the flower must be indoor to be considered top quality, but I beg to differ. 

Growing Climate Is Only A Part Of The Equation

Sure indoor can turn out some of the highest of quality flower, but it can also turn what could have been amazing flower into sub quality finished product.  Indoor must be climate controlled extremely well with intense light to product this type of end result.  Nature often has this part figured out, but can have some hiccups along the way when it throws something unexpected at the crops.  This could be excess rain, early freeze, heat waves, and hail storms.  

Even with some of the most intense of weather, these plants can be very resilient.  So if grown outdoor then what would make it considered premium select hemp flower buds?

The Hemp Drying Process Is Where It Starts

Of course it really starts when you germinate your hemp seeds, but once you have produced your big beautiful sticky hemp flower buds its time to harvest and dry.  This is a step in the process that many to plan for until it can be too late, but there are great services for drying your hemp if you are a grower if you do not  have the space.  The hemp needs to be dried slowly in a dark, cool room, with great ventilation, and humidity control.  If dried too fast you will lose some of your flavor and terpene profile.  It will also be more harsh to smoke, if it was flash dried.

Curing Hemp Buds Before Selling

After the first part of the drying process, many people can be quick to sell and bring to market.  The truth is, the hemp flower needs to breathe before it has reached its full potential.  Much like a fine glass of wine.  Cured in air tight barrels for an extended period of time with regular burping of the barrels.

Selection Process and Trim

Before packing these buds up into glass jars, they go through a hand finishing process to remove any stems, sticks, or excess leaves.  This will ensure that you will only be receiving 100% usable hemp material.

Visual Aspects Of Premium Select Hemp Flower

When someone buys something that is of the highest quality, it must meet more than the criteria above.  It must look nothing short of AMAZING.

Premium  hemp flower - its bro hemp

Visible Pistils and Trichomes or Crystals

With the naked eye you can tell if a bud has been through a lot before it reaches you.  It can be really simple to tell if your hemp flower has been handled with care.  Can you see the hairs or pistils they are called sticking out from your buds?  Take a closer look if you can with a hand held microscope or a jewelers loop and see what you find.  Hopefully you will see a bunch of unharmed trichomes as well.  These can be a great sign your bud was handled with care and treated like a premium quality flower. 

Stickiness and Texture Speaks To Your Hands

If you can handle the hemp buds, squeeze them, crack them open, and feel them.  You should be able to get an idea of how well it was dried and cured.  If you squeeze and it busts into a bunch of pieces, it was flash dried and is not premium quality.  If you can squeeze it, and peel apart gently without crumbling then it is more likely dried properly.  If your fingers are sticky and smell amazing, then probably went through a great curing process as well.

Does Size Matter?

This part is one of my favorites, as so many love to show the biggest baddest buds on social media or in shows.  Your personal flower does not need to have massive buds.  Why might you ask? 

Well look at it this way....  If you had a 7 gram bud that looked absolutely amazing when you received it, but when it comes down to breaking it up for usable material you have a stem that could weight almost 1 gram itself.

Hemp Stem On ScaleSo size doesn't always matter in the world of hemp flower, because some of the buds that can get damaged first to weather and rot are the big tops because of their density.

Finial Thoughts On Buying Top Shelf Hemp Flower Online

Many people have their idea of what premium is, or what they prefer.  The above standards are what I use to determine top quality, and may differ from others but in the end you must be satisfied when you invest the extra money it costs for Premium Select Hemp Flower Buds.