Magic Butter Tincture Machine - Make your own CBD Oil

Posted by Steve Breault on May 13th 2020

Magic Butter Tincture Machine - Make your own CBD Oil

What is the difference between a CBD tincture and Hemp Oil? 

It is very hard to argue with people about semantics these days but ultimately a tincture is typically made from alcohol wash, where as an oil is usually extracted cbd added to a base oil.  Usually you see MCT oil used quite often when producing a product like a CBD Hemp Oil.

Both a tincture from alcohol or a hemp oil have their benefits. What you will find on the market often called a tincture will be the oil based form.  The term “tincture” seems to be used more broadly in combination with CBD oil. Either way, I am not writing to talk about if we should be calling it a tincture or oil. I could care less, but what I do care about is that you get a quality product without costing a fortune. 

If you make it at home, you know what you are putting into it. So why not start from the raw plant material like some hemp trim or flower and extract the cbd yourself with the magical butter machine or one of the other variations of tincture machines. 

Benefits Of Making Your Own CBD Tincture Or Hemp Oil

Have you ever looked at the prices of the CBD oil on the shelves at a chain store or even at the smoke shops and gas stations? 

CBD Hemp Products On Shelf

It is almost shocking what some of the companies want to charge for their CBD products.  There are definitely some things that I believe bring these prices in retail stores up to such a steep level.  

Big companies hire lots of consultants, pay legal fees, and staff large teams in order to produce the quantities it takes to go to chain retail like the photo above.  Not to mention the cost of equipment to manufacture enough oil at the rate these big retailers will demand. So usually these companies are very careful and do a great job at product testing.  (I know not in all cases) You still don't really know what is in that oil or tincture.   

Why not try to make your own CBD oil, or hemp products at home with some very simple supplies that you may already have in your kitchen.

Stop Paying Sticker Price For CBD Oil

How much money could you save if you were to  make your own CBD oil, or CBD Bath Bombs, Hemp balm, CBD Chapstick, or really anything you can think of really.  Olive oil can even be used to extract CBD when done correctly. You definitely do not need to pay $75 for 1 ounce of oil like in the photo below. 

Expensive CBD Oil

DIY Supplies For Making Hemp Derived CBD Products Yourself

Some of these supplies you may already have at home, but using quality products designed to do exactly what you need it to do with little room for error is my #1 suggestion.

1. The Magical Butter Tincture Machine

In my opinion this is the easiest way to make the best products for yourself at home.  With simple push button settings to make oil, butter, tincture, 8 Hour Option, and Clean Setting.

There are 4 Temperature settings allowing you to customize each preset option for time and temperature desired.  Under the lid there is a blender blade that will blend up the hemp that you will be putting inside the magical butter machine for maximum extraction. Instructions and magical butter recipes are included to make starting out simple.  Later you can advance to customizing your own blends and recipes that work best for you.

2. Stove Top Espresso Maker For CBD Butter

Another method is by using a stove top espresso maker to force the oil or butter through the decarboxylated ground hemp flower with pressure while it heats up. Steam pressure builds up and forces the oil through the ground hemp in the device thus infusing the cbd with the oil.  The oil will end up in the top portion of the machine which can be stored in a dark mason jar to preserve your oil for later use, like brownies!

3. Crockpot Or Slow Cooker For Hemp Oil

The process for using a slow cooker to make your cbd products is similar to the two above, you will need to do more work yourself.  You will need a timer, cheese cloth or some other type of strainer (included with magical butter machine), tray to decarboxylate your hemp to convert your cbda into cbd. Magical butter also makes a great decarb box to simplify this process as well.  If you are a pro at this already then your crock pot will work out great as the temperature is consistent and low. You will simply put, "Slow cook" your herb in whatever oil you would like. You could even use this to make your own honey sticks. 

So why did I bother to mention other options when the tincture machine is clearly the best option?

To save you some coin if you want to do this on a budget, which is only one of the many reasons to make your own cbd oil that you will be ingesting.

What I can do is provide you with a great raw material so you can do this at home with lab results that tell you exactly what the cannabinoid breakdown is in the hemp materials that are purchased from my store.  All of which is under .3% THC as in the Farm Bill 2018.

How To Make CBD Oil At Home