Hemp Beard Oil and Men's Grooming Products

Posted by Steve Breault on May 13th 2020

Hemp Beard Oil and Men's Grooming Products

These days the modern man can't just grow an amazing beard with little effort.  Sure you can grow "a" beard but it's not even close to the same as one that has been cared for a hemp beard oil or beard products made from hemp.

Why Hemp Seed Oil Is Perfect For Beards

Hemp Seed Oil contains proteins and high quality fatty acids.  Those are both things that stimulate hair growth creating a thicker more full beard.  Hemp seed oil is high in Omega-3 and gamma-linolenic acid making it a great oil for dry or mature skin and  hair.

Hemp Beard Oil

It's Bro Hemp Beard Oil

Supporting Ingredients that make a Beard Oil top notch were not chosen by random by the formulators.  Beard & Mustache Oil is expertly formulated to keep your beard and mustache soft and touchable.

Ingredients that Soften Beard and Mustache

Organic Moringa oil, Marula Oil and Hemp Seed Oil, all contribute to softening your facial hair keeping both skin and hair nourished.

Ingredients that tame the mame

A bit of Castor Oil will help tame those crazy hairs and your beard and mustache will look and feel well-groomed.

Smell like a man with these added Essential Oils

Lightly dosed with rejuvenating Ginger, Coriander, and Frankincense essential oils to ensure you smell like a man and not a perfume cabinet.

Hemp Beard Balm

It's Bro Hemp Beard Balm

Nothing is more striking than a thick, full, well-groomed and styled beard and mustache. Whether you just want to tame wild hairs, or you want the bare knuckle boxer handlebar mustache.

Bare Knuckle Fighter Mustache

This amazing balm is strong enough to keep whatever style you choose and may even be the favorite of my beard products.

Formulated with only the best ingredients such as organic olive oil, mango butter, kokum butter, Hemp Seed Butter, cranberry seed oil, raspberry seed oil, Hemp seed oil, and poppy seed oil. This styling balm keeps hairs in place keeping your beard in check, all while maintaining soft and pliable beard. Not to mention this product is vegan.

Whats Next For It's Bro Hemp Beard Products?

I am very excited about bringing these amazing men grooming products to the market, and the first two products are going to be the Hemp Beard Oil and Balm in the Original Fragrance.  Future fragrances will drop after expansion of the the product line.  Next I hope to bring a after shave lotion, shave soap, shaving cream or lotion, Mustache Wax, Beard and Hair Shampoo and Conditioners, Body Wash, Beard growth serum and who knows what else comes to mind.