New CBD Products - Help Choose Our Next Hemp Derived Product

Posted by Steve Breault on Jul 13th 2020

I have been kicking around the idea of a few new products, although I may end up releasing all of them eventually.

What I would really like is your input on which one of the following New CBD Products you would be most interested in.

Vote For The New CBD Product In The Comments

After reviewing these items, please take a moment to comment below which one you would like to see released first. 

1. CBD Roll On

This would be a great item to have on the go to use as needed.  

A small roll on little glass bottle with full spectrum cbd extract, MCT Oil, and to be determined essential oils.  

Possibly Lavender and Peppermint which is the first thing that comes to mind since that is what I used in the CBD salve that I make. 

2. CBD Bath Salt and Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs and Salts with CBD are in pretty high demand, as well as absolutely amazing.  

Just like the Roll On, I would like to hear what you think about fragrances for the bath products.

3. Hemp Cigars - Mini's Or Mini's In Packs

Adding hemp cigars to my line up would be the easiest product to add, but could be the first if you tell me the demand is there.

King Palm makes various sizes and what I currently sell are the Slim that fits ~1.25 grams of hemp flower and the XXL that holds up to 5 grams of ground cbd bud. 

The Rollies holds 1/2 a gram and the mini holds just about 3/4.  

I could make these available in singles or in small pack sizes.

Which Will It Be?

Please leave your comments below and vote for one of the 3 and feel free to add suggestions on what you would like to see out of this product.