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Does CBD Show Up On A Drug Test

Drug Test Kit

Does CBD Show Up On A Drug Test

I get this question all the time so let me try to clear some of the details around drug testing for CBD and Hemp.  Before I answer the main question at hand lets go over some stuff surrounding the topic so it can be better understood.

Most Common Questions Around CBD and Drug Testing

This is something that is very important to consider if your career, or even your freedom is at risk if you fail a drug screening.

What are the different Methods of Testing? 

There are a variety of different methods for testing for illicit drugs, but not all test for the same things.  We will focus specifically on testing for cannabinoids.
Urine:  This is probably the most common test used for pre-employment drug screening and measures the amount of residual metabolites left over in your system after the effects have worn off.
  • Breath:  Not used for testing cannabinoids - even if your breath stinks
  • Blood:  This test is generally used to determine the amount of intoxicants in your system at the time of the test.  This may only help indicate if the use was recent, and generally not used for screening.
  • Hair: Testing goes back 90 days with this type of test giving a more complete drug history. 
  • Saliva: This is another test to determine recent use and impairment. 
  • Sweat: Used more for probation than anything, a skin patch is applied for a length of time.  The sweat is then tested for the same compounds as above.

What is CBD?

CBD is also scientifically know as cannabidiol, is a compound found with in cannabis naturally.  Most people will associate CBD with marijuana, and now even more so in the hemp plant and its flowers.  But did you know that CBD can also be created from hops and a few other plants as well.  Note I used the word created and not contains.  This is because they have to undergo a process to convert molecules into a cannabinoid. 

Does CBD get you high?

This is one of my favorite questions to answer, because some people think they get high after using CBD when they first use it.  Please don't confuse the feelings of relaxation with being high, and consider that maybe the CBD is going to work for the first time in your system.  So the answer is definitely No, CBD will not get you high.

What does it do then and why would people use it?

Every person and every body is different and has different challenges, so some find comfort knowing that CBD may be able to help them.  Although there are not enough "official studies" yet to allow medical claims around CBD, many have evaluated their own opinions on if it can work for them or not.   Often times when people use CBD it isn't really about what it feels like, but more what they are not feeling afterwards.  Let me repeat that...   It isn't about what you feel after taking CBD it is more about what you will no longer be feeling.  I hope that makes a little sense without going into details.

Does CBD Show up on a drug test?

This is where the more you know, the better you are around this question.   CBD itself is not generally tested for, but do you know that there is trace amounts of THC in many types of CBD and in Hemp as well?  These amounts must be less than .3% THC to be federally legal. 
If we put that into milligrams .3% is equivalent to 3 mg which is not very much at all, but if used in excess it is possible to fail.  Just because the CBD product says 0% THC, it doesn't me 0.0000% THC.  You will need to look for THC free or TFree CBD.  This means the oil used to make your cbd product went through a process to re-mediate the THC.


The most important thing I hope for you to come away with this blog post is that not all CBD is the same, just like not all people are the same.  You have to know what it is you think you need or want the CBD for, and more so what is in it.  If you want to use it for recreation but don't feel you have the need for it and your job tells you not to.  What do you think you should do?  If you do think you have the need for it, make sure you know what you are getting first.
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