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CBD Oil - Cheaper To Make It at Home

CBD Oil - Cheaper To Make It at Home

Some people find great pleasure in making their own home remedies.  It is especially important knowing what ingredients were used to make your cbd oil.  When you make it you know, its just that simple.

What is CBD oil and how you can make it too!

CBD also called cannabidiol is the hottest discovery in plant based medicine to date.  Although it really isn't a new discovery as it was used thousands of years ago in hemp tea.  CBD wasn't as interesting as THC at the time and took a back seat to the attention.  I guess you could say CBD has hit the mainstream, but will it stick around?  I sure hope so, because it is sort of like the discovery of fish oil.  People still swear by it these days, its just not talked about anymore.  CBD could go the same direction, or could it lead to more amazing studies and discoveries?

CBD is not psychoactive like thc is and does not get you high.  Although I believe some will confuse the feeling of great relaxation with a sense of being high, yet with a completely clear head.

I could go into great detail about the break down of CBD and how it works with your body and brain.  If that is something that would interest you, please check out my blog post about the human endocannabinoid system.

Simple Tools and Ingredients and you will be making your own CBD Oil

Some have million dollar extractors and cool lab equipment others have a just whats in their kitchen at home.  Both work just fine.  We are going to focus on what you have in your kitchen to make your own cbd oil, as well as one other very inexpensive method to almost completely automate the process for you in small batches.

Using tools in your kitchen, ingredients from the market, and some hemp flower buds or trim

Listen, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using your old kitchen equipment as long as it is clean.  I love cool gadgets, so its hard not to go the next route.  Skip ahead of you prefer cool shit too.  If you enjoy the art of being involved in the process then read on.

Ingredients to make CBD oil at home:  MCT Oil or Olive Oil as your carrier oil, Essential oil for flavoring if you want to add a touch of mint or something enjoyable.  Make sure you get the right kind of essential oils that you can consume.  Hemp flower buds or trim will both work great, although the buds will end up creating a stronger.  This is my recommendation, and it won't matter if your buds have seeds or are not top shelf pretty.  Just make sure you use clean flower and get it from a trusted source. 

Home Kitchen Tools Needed: Cheesecloth, Parchment paper, cookie sheet, Stove and Oven. 

Steps To making the hemp oil:

What you need to do is to spread the fine ground hemp flower buds onto a baking sheet or pan and heat it at 225°F for an hour. You need to make sure the roasted hemp should be a bit crisp and take on a light brown color.  This is called decarboxylation and will convert the CBDa to CBD the active compound.

Now, you need to pour the decarboxylated hemp in the edible oil in a double boiler or a crock pot. The oil temp should not reach 300°F unless you want to boil off the terpenes too! Keep the heat on simmer and continue the extraction process for around 2 to 3 hours. A laser thermometer is handy for quick temperature checks, and freaking out your pets.  Keep stirring now and then, and check the color every half an hour or so. The color must resemble a brownish-green.

Remove the bowl containing the hemp emulsified in oil and filter out the material the cheesecloth into a glass jar or bottle.  Squeeze the cheesecloth well to ensure you get the maximum possible oil out of the hemp. Make sure you have allowed the oil to cool before squeezing and filling jars.  Seal the glass container and throw away the strained hemp. Since, carrier oil-based extraction produces CBD oil that has a limited shelf life, storing the CBD container in a dry, cool, and dark space will add to its longevity.

Magical Butter Machine and Decarb Box

This is how I make my oil at home and its amazing.  With the touch of a button you can be making oil just like that.   Well, sort of....  You still need to take the steps of decarboxylating the flower as mentioned above, or use the decarb box in place of the cookie sheet.  I have also seen some pretty awesome decarb machines too.  (Maybe a future post)  Put oil and material in machine and push a button.  Let the machine work.  It has a built in blender to continue to emulsify the flower for better extraction.  The possibilities of home made cbd baked goods and so much more is out of this world. Strain as listed above but instread use the handy included strainer and silicone glove.

So are you customer #1 or customer #2

Both of which are amazing customers are are not listed in any particular order.  Share your DIY method in the comments below.


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