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CBD Hemp Strains 2020

CBD Hemp Strains 2020

It has been incredibly difficult to find quality hemp in 2019 with the exception of early in the year here in Oregon.  Most farms had sold their harvest out of stock by April, but there was still plenty of flower in circulation.   Unfortunately lots of it was either sorted shucked biomass, seeded, or had changed hands so many times the price was topped out for wholesale.   

This isn't to say that there wasn't great quality, top shelf, trimmed flower because, there definitely was.  I bought lots of this stuff, and only direct from the farms that grew it.  There were and will be many wonderful craft hemp strains that will start showing up, but from my experience this last year buying hemp flower I have really found that the Oregon CBD strains are hard to ignore.  Elektra, Suver Haze, Hawaiian Haze, and Lifter will be the four strains that I will be focusing on in 2020. 

All four of these strains are hybrid of ERB - the original pollen doner and another strain also to be mentioned below.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention........ The photo for this blog post is the original logo I designed myself before I realized that I shouldn't try desiging things when I am not a designer.  

Elektra CBD Hemp Strain

This hybrid is bred with the very well known strain called ACDC.  This was actually the very first CBD Flower that I had consumed close to 4 years ago.  It was actually my preferred method for hangover relief at the time.  Flowering early, these buds get to be nice and chunky.  Not to mention the fragrant terpene profile made up mostly of Pinene, Myrcene, and Caryophyllene. 

Lifter CBD Hemp Strain

My most active strain of 2019 was Lifter for 2 reasons.  The flavor and fragrance of this flower has brought it to be one of the most sought after Hemp Flower Strains for trimmed smokable flower.  The name lifter was interestingly named after the tomato plant named Mortgage Lifter. 

Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp

Not a part of my 2019 supply but as it was a regular request, I be getting my hands on some Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flowe and I can't wait to check it out.  DC Haze also knows as CC was used to cross with ERB to create this great strain.  ACDC was also used to create DC Haze, as it was crossed with Neville's Haze.  

Suver Haze Hemp CBD Strain

This was said to have an intoxicating fragrance and carry a terpene profile that creates a flavor similar to sour apple.  I would have to agree!  Every time I open the bag of Suver Haze I am quickly reminded how amazing the nose of this flower is.  Farnesene and beta-caryophyllene are the co-dominant terpenes create such an exotic taste. 

Additional Hemp Strain Options

Additional Strains will show up from time to time when a nice craft strain is brought to my attention.  This will only be if it is a fair enough price to share the savings with my customers and also have a uniqueness that allows it to carry the craft price.   

These strains will be sold as pre-packed cbd flower packs, hemp pre rolls, cbd hemp cigars, and lifter will be mainly used when extracting CBD for the Hemp Salve.  If you haven't check out these products, you should check us out.  We are a family owned and ran business and buy directly farm the farm avoiding broker fees and additional middle man fees to maintain the best price for hemp online.   

If you are a grower I would love to hear from you and what strains you are working with.

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