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Hemp Cigars With Ground CBD Flower

CBD Hemp Cigar Its Bro Hemp King Palm Wrap

Hemp Cigars With Ground CBD Flower

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Smoking has evolved through the years and Hemp is emerging in the market as an extremely fast growing new option for smoking.  Legal cannabis makes consumption easier in some states while in others, hemp is the only legal option for cannabis.


The idea of smoking hemp in cigar format is not a new one.

Blunts have been around for decades. The original idea was to hollow out an inexpensive cigar and put your choice of cannabis in the center. These would then be smoked just like a regular cigar.

Cigar smoking itself is hundreds of years old. The oldest known figure of someone smoking a cigar is on a tenth century Mayan pot.


Hemp Cigar - It's Bro Hemp CBD

  • Stuffed with 1.25 grams of ground hemp flower
  • Slow smooth burn
  • Corn Husk Filter
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The Mayans wrapped their cigars in the leaves of palm trees or plantains.


Man Smoking Cigar Its Bro Hemp

Christopher Columbus was offered tobacco in trade with the Native Americans he met. While it isn’t known if Columbus became a smoker one of his lieutenants did. He introduced it to Europe and the rest, as they say, is history.

The next step in the evolution of the cigar was the idea to wrap it in tobacco leaves. While there were and are a lot of countries that produce cigars Cuba is still considered the best when it comes to tobacco. However, tobacco may be ready to take the back seat.

Forbes magazine has an entire article devoted to one brand of hemp cannagars, the new name for these cigars. The article describes everything from how the package the cannagars came in to the scent that fills the room when it is smoked. 

This particular product is extremely costly. It’s produced in China although the company that makes it does not grow the hemp. They carefully choose the best of the crops available around the world and handcraft each cigar. The packaging is gold leaf and the article states that the product is “kept safe from humidity and uncontrolled aging with a screw down lid.”

Naturally there are a lot of other companies that produce cannagars, or you can make your own. The next question is what are the benefits? The answers may surprise you.
Man with smoke Its Bro hemp


Long lasting:

Hemp cigars are rolled to burn a long time. Some can burn for hours with more than one smoker using them. This benefit may not be something the once in a while smokers would like but it has plenty of merits.



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