Buying Premium CBD Hemp Flower Bud Online

Posted by Steve Breault on May 13th 2020

Buying Premium CBD Hemp Flower Bud Online

Everyone knows that the way people shop has changed a lot over the last number of years.  This couldn't be even more true when it comes to cannabis and especially Buying CBD Hemp Flower.  

What is Hemp?

I get this question all the time, even though this plant has been used for thousands of years already to make so many different products.  I will explain more about what hemp is most commonly used for now vs what it was used for thousands of years ago a little later in this article.

The hemp plant is simply the Marijuana plant but with a THC level below .3% which is the chemical compound found in cannabis that gives the euphoric feeling.  Male or female, it doesn't matter!  It is about the cannabinoid make up of the plant itself.  The idea that hemp was the male version of marijuana was a very common misconception I am hearing when discussing this amazing plant with other people. One of the greatest things that has come out fairly recently is the growing awareness of Cannabidiol or CBD and its effects on the human body.

Why has Buying CBD Hemp Online become so huge in 2019?

High CBD marijuana strains were often only found in Cannabis Legal states and on the black market.  Now with the passing of the 2018 farm bill Hemp became a federally legal agriculture product and was removed from the controlled substances list.  Therefore beginning this year hemp could legally be shipped across all 50 states.  This doesn't come without a cautionary warning though.  Hemp looks, smells, tastes, and feels just like is cousin Mary Jane which is still not legal to ship across the country.  

Will my hemp be seized in the mail?

At the Oregon Hemp Convention a Senior Sales Executive from the United States Post Office visited my booth to spread the word that it is indeed 100% okay to ship hemp through the postal service.  What does this mean as a consumer or a business owner?  Well anything could happen with the post office and we all know that, but vetting your sources will ensure the possibility of your CBD Buds getting confiscated or mistaken for marijuana.   Any CBD flower shipped from It's Bro Hemp is sealed in a smell proof bag and all documents including Certificate of Analysis, Letter To Law Enforcement, and a Packing Slip come packed with all orders.

What can I do at home with CBD Hemp Flower?

What you do with your Hemp to get the best use out of the plant is entirely up to you, but here are a few ideas that you can do at home.

  • Grind up the flower for a tea
  • Make a hemp cooking oil
  • CBD Cannabutter for baking
  • Home topical remedies 
  • Tincture recipes
  • Bath Bombs
  • and much more

Can I smoke Hemp Flower?

Smoking CBD Hemp Buds can be a controversial topic for some as inhaling any smoke into your lungs can't be good for you.  What if it is moderation?  What if that smoke carries great medicines (cbd) that could outweigh the negative effects of the smoke?  Why would you even want to smoke hemp if it doesn't get you high?

These are all great questions and I really can't answer these questions as I feel it is a decision to be made only by the user of the hemp product.  I will say that inhalation is one of the fastest delivery methods to get your CBD or other cannabinoids into your blood stream but it isn't for everyone.   CBD Prerolls and Hemp Flower Packs are perfect for people that enjoy hemp smoke and can be a great alternative to other types of smoking products on the market.  

Why should you buy hemp online?

Same reason you might buy your razors, or clothes online!  Convenience of course!  I know I don't need to explain how someone would have purchased CBD Flower 5 years ago vs today.  I would just advise that follow a few simple steps to make sure you are buying from an honest distributor.  Follow and message them on social media to ask questions about their products, place your first small test order from their website, if your happy leave a product review, if not contact them and see if they are willing to help resolve the issue.  Customer service is going to be the big difference today with online distribution of hemp products and whether issues are resolved or if questions are answered or not.